KanZeOn is part documentary and part sensory exploration of sound inviting the audience to immerse into an unconventional and trans-formative world where a rarely seen view of Japanese culture is revealed through ancient rituals and extraordinary musical spectacle.

The KanZeOn project is an elegantly presented artefact, packaged and shrink wrapped in a bespoke 6 panel card digipack and accompanied by an original limited-edition festival postcard.

Watch the trailer at www.kanzeonthemovie.com
Disc 1 - DVD

- The original 86 minute feature with English subtitles.
- The 21 minute audio/visual Restrukture by acclaimed AV artist amoeba.av.
- Four lost scenes from the film.
Disc 2 - CD
- The ReIndications project: 6 remixes created from the KanZeOn soundtrack by artists from Japan and Europe: woob, KidKanevil, tatsuki*, ta2mi, ManOne and Shi-ne-ko-sei, a unique collection of tracks that transports the mystique of centuries' old religious sounds into modern musical styles.
- 15 remastered tracks from the original soundtrack.
£17.99 + P&P