"stunning to look at... mesmerising musical sequences”
Frances Morgan - Sight and Sound

"A stunning new British documentary”
Jasper Sharp - Writer and film curator, Midnight Eye

"A mysterious and compelling meditation on sound, song, story, ritual,
performance, nature, tradition and Japanese Buddhism."
Gaetano Kazuo Maida - Executive Director, Buddhist Film Foundation, Inc.
Tim goes to Amsterdam…

It was exciting as ever to attend another screening in the continuing travels of KanZeOn, this time at the Off-Centre festival in Amsterdam.

The Melkweg (www.melkweg.nl) was the venue and we were met nice and early Friday morning by one of the organizers, the super nice Jon Heemsbergen who gave us a tour of this incredible complex. As well as housing two superb rooms for club/gig events there is a cinema, a gallery, a theatre and so much more. It was a true honor to be playing our film there.

I was already buzzing because I had just noticed this poster outside and couldn’t believe the caliber of films we shared space with. Humbling indeed.

The screening was at 9 so there was plenty of time to get into the Amsterdam mood. It was joyous to then watch an enhanced version of the film and appreciate the incredible acoustics of the cinema but not so helpful when I kept forgetting the questions I was asked afterwards by the audience.

So apologies for my ramblings to those attending! But Radna, who hosted the Q and A, managed very well to keep me mostly on track. And the audience were great and most patient, so thanks again.

The following day continued my using of these trips to the screenings to also spend time making a short film with my lovely partner Yolanda. You just can’t miss out on all these prime locations to add production value to a no-budget movie! The night came again and one of the highlights was Plaid with some of the most pleasing bass heavy tunes I have heard for a while. And later we dropped into the gallery where Harri Pälviranta was showing his exhibition ‘Battered’, dark but bold images of batteries and street violence in Finland. http://www.harripalviranta.com/pages/39

These trips with KanZeOn are giving a great window onto the vibrant creative culture that exists across Europe. In a couple of weeks we go to the 27th Warsaw Film Festival so who knows what surprises will be waiting to stimulate the senses.