"stunning to look at... mesmerising musical sequences”
Frances Morgan - Sight and Sound

"A stunning new British documentary”
Jasper Sharp - Writer and film curator, Midnight Eye

"A mysterious and compelling meditation on sound, song, story, ritual,
performance, nature, tradition and Japanese Buddhism."
Gaetano Kazuo Maida - Executive Director, Buddhist Film Foundation, Inc.
KanZeOn comes to Estonia for Tallinn’s East by NorthEast Film Festival
We are thrilled that Saturday the 27th of August sees KanZeOn travel to Estonia for the Tallin East byNorthEast Film Festival, screening at 9pm.
An official programme of the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011, a festival of unique, independent, and uncensored Japanese films takes place in Tallinn August 25-28 2011. The festival is organised in collaboration with Zipangu Fest, UK. East by NorthEast is dedicated to showing modern and alternative Asian film culture. Documentaries, animation, horror, Japanese erotic movie ‘Pink Eiga’ and a surrealistic polygraph of short-movies will be screened over a period of 4 days. In between screenings, a variety of Asian snacks are available for enjoying, complemented by refreshing tea and sake. Films are selected and curated by well-known film curator Jasper Sharp.
For more details visit the official website, http://www.eastbynortheast.org/